Orangutan Shot 100 Times Survives

An endangered orang-utan on Borneo island has survived after she was shot 100 times with an air rifle.

The female was was found on an oil palm plantation, with 37 pellets lodged in her head and 67 throughout her body.

Conservationist feared the orangutan wouldn’t survive, but they now believe she has cheated death.

Due to her hearing being affected coupled with the risk of her losing sight in both eyes, she may not be released back into the wild.

The injured ape is currently at a rehabilitation centre in the Borneo jungle.

Similar shootings have been part of a pest control mission, but the agency does not know who is responsible for this particular attack.

The species is facing extinction from poaching and destruction of their habitat in order to create oil plantations.

Experts say there are only 50,000 to 60,000 of the two orang-utan species left in the wild.



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